Activities in Dominica - Freediving : Discover Dominica, the Nature Island



Freediving off the coast of Dominica is unlike anywhere in the region.

With our steep drop-offs and deep walls, you never have to go far to find spectacular drops suitable for freediving. Within 300ft/100m from shore you can be swimming over a drop-off of over 1500ft/500m! 

Along the entire West coast you will find plenty of deep water, shallow shelves with deep drop-offs, and sloping reefs. As with all coastlines there are some areas that are exposed to strong currents, and other areas that are well protected from currents.

Any freedivers should check with local users of the marine environment to ensure a safe experience.

All freedivers should follow the basic safety rules of freediving. For example, never freedive alone, practice “one up one down," etc.

With a dramatic underwater terrain that mirrors our topside mountains freedivers will not be disappointed with Dominica’s underwater terrain.