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Sea Turtle Viewing

Sea Turtle Viewing


Four of the seven species of sea turtles visit Dominica’s shores - Loggerheads, Hawksbills, Green Sea Turtles, and the huge Leatherbacks.

Visit Rosalie Beach between March and October and you just may catch a glimpse of one of the most fascinating rituals in the animal kingdom. After mating in the waters, the female sea turtle will come ashore to dig her nest, lay her eggs and smooth them over with sand to avoid detection.

In a few months the hatchlings will emerge and try to make it back to the sea. The odds are not in their favor –about 1,000 to one–as hungry predators and dehydration take their toll.

Great care must be taken to keep lights away from these areas. They can scare the female turtles and disorient the hatchlings. To witness this ritual is a privilege and the experience of a lifetime.