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Scott’s  Head Drop Off (Scott's Head Point) (Moderate)
This wall is spectacular at any depth, from 40 to 100 ft. It is an incredibly colorful dive with pink and azure vase sponges, orange icing sponges, yellow tube sponges, and green rope sponges. The many small nooks and crannies hide lobster, crabs, an...
The Suburbs (Difficult)
The Suburbs and The Village are richly covered rocky drop-offs that are visited by schools of black durgons, huge barracuda, frequent turtles, and often some big stingrays. One never knows what might pass in this much wilder area, but on the quiet da...
The Village (Difficult)

Another advanced southern Atlantic site, the mooring sits in 30 ft on top of the wall. From the depths three rock pinnacles rise, each slightly shallower than the other, giving a good multi-level dive. As with all sites in the Atlantic, sponges grow large and horizontal, the corals are predominantly soft fans, and schools of big fish are common.

Toucari Bay (Moderate)
Toucari bay is excellent for day or night dives, and boasts a wide variety of sea life  including octopus, moray eels, rays, squid, lobster, crabs, trumpet fish, parrotfish and puffer fish, to name a few. Make note of the many types of corals in...