Dive Fest

JULY 11TH TO 20TH 2014

The Dominica Watersports Association holds its annual Dive Fest in early July.

The event provides whale watching deals, special dive packages, snorkeling picnics, canoe racing, and marine educational tours.



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Dive Fest is the longest running Scuba Diving Festival in the Caribbean. Dive Fest 2013 will be the 20th consecutive year that the Dominica Watersports Association has presented this event. Click here for full schedule of events.

Dive Fest 2010 was bigger and better than ever. It was the 17th consecutive year of Dive Fest and we were pleased to see host the Scubaradio Mermaids who were sponsored by Swiss Army/Victorinox and Jewellers International.

  • Sealife Cameras debuted their new underwater cameras, giving divers the chance to test the cameras out and to take part in photo shoots and a “Best of Week” competition. The first-ever Mermaid photo competition was a big hit!!
  • Dive Training sent down two photographers, Barry and Ruth Guimbellot, who put on seminars and workshops on both underwater.
  • Scuba Radio broadcast Dive Fest over two weekends


Along with these events for divers, there was plenty of excitement for non divers too! Wine and Cheese Sunset Cruises, Happy Hour dances, Traditional Boat Races and whale watching to name a few.



  • Swim with the mermaids
  • Dive with the latest camera from Sealife
  • Wine and Cheese Cruise
  • Photography Workshops
  • Whale Watching
  • Photography Treasure Hunt
  • Traditional Boat Races
  • Happy Hour Dances
  • Award Dinner with great prizes
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