Dominica's Waterfalls

Dominica is blessed with 365 rivers, and our lush oceanic rainforest hides dozens of waterfalls.
This map highlights our main falls.

Syndicate Also known as Milton Falls, this fall is a short walk off the road to Syndicate.
Chaudiere More of a plunge pool than a waterfall, this is well worth the drive into the rainforest.
Trafalgar Twin Falls a short drive from Roseau.
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls Perhaps our most spectacular falls!
Spanny's Two small falls close to each other and reached after a short hike.
Middleham Tall fall reached after a delightful rainforest walk
Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool Our most popular waterfall!
Sari Sari
Sari Sari Another east-coast waterfall, like Victoria is reached after a hike along a river.
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